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July 7th, 2004

05:38 pm

I need to talk to you about our opium sales! We now have something like 30,000,000 gp worth of opium stockpiled and waiting to be sold. Haha.

Also... if there are any new shipping contracts we could negotiate from the Spring Festival, that would be keen (we kinda skipped over it because everyone wanted to do some combat in the mountains).

There's some other stuff, too! (mostly money-related) But when you get a chance....

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10:12 am - Goals
So I was wondering....

How much thought have other people given to goals in character? Since Chris wants to actually give us experience for the goals, I thought it might be useful for us to post a list of ideas we had. That way he at least has some reference to go from.

So.... what are you goals?
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July 6th, 2004

04:15 pm - Database update!
All of the Spells from:
+ Player's Handbook
+ Defenders of the Faith
+ Song and Silence
+ Masters of the Wild
+ Relics and Rituals II
+ Book of Hallowed Might
are entered into the database (including the spell descriptions). That's 913 spells in total.

Major books that remain include:
+ Relics and Rituals I
+ Book of Exalted Deeds
+ Book of Vile Darkness
+ Tome and Blood
+ Magic of Faerun

If I'm inspired, I may also add spells from the "Quintessential" series of books. We'll see.

I'm getting there, anyway.

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July 5th, 2004

09:06 pm - Move over Weasles!
Because according to the "The Quintessential Druid" (Courtesy of Courtney) I can now have magical beasts or even Elementals as my companions.

Yes my friends. Druids are absurd.
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07:51 pm - woo!
This new community just made my day, especailly the interests section. I also love the icon Cara made for me. Thanks Cara!

I approve of Court's magical item list (although I think I will soon have to make a list of my own so I don't get confused about all of Roweena's magical items).

Well I can't think of anything more to add except that now I really really want to game! That and Roweena really needs a reason to genocide the treants (sadly, there is none).
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08:25 pm - Strasburg Income Statement
As of April of the current game year, I estimate our monthly incomes as follows:

Tobacco Revenues -- 733,333 (-146,666 commissions)
Opium Revenues -- 330,000 (-88,000 commissions)
Produce Revenues -- 587,653
Wine Revenues -- 146,666
Williams Shipping -- 5,000
The Inn -- 30,000

Total (before taxes) -- 1,597,986
Produce revenues have been expanded from 5 months/year to 8 months/year.

As the end of April (and our return from killing the Lich), we have 2,100,756 gp.

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07:46 pm - Magic Items!

Here's a tentative lists of magic items that I'd like to get made (primarily for the party) in the next year of game time: 

Ghost Touched, Death Warded +8 Moon Bracers of Speed — 368k x2, 190k x2

(Dimension Door 1/day, +8 Armor Bonus, retains armor bonus against ethereal creatures/brilliant energy weapons, absorbs the first death spell cast on it in a day, and then Death Wards for the next 70 minutes)

+5 Shirt of Greater Fortification — (All but Mariesa) 200k x3

(+5 Enhancement bonus, negates sneak attacks/critical hits)

+5 Animated Large Shield of Absorbing — (All but Mariesa) 200k x3

(Can be used without holding it, +5 enhancement bonus, absorbs ~5 negative energy attacks/day)

+5 Shirt of Protection — (Mariesa) 50k

+5 Large Shield of Absorbing — (Mariesa) 128k

Gloves of Instant Summoning (on existing gloves,
Gyges) — 300k

(As a free action, the user can send an item from his hand to an extra-dimensional space, call an item from that space, or swap items from the space with items in either hand.)

Mantle of SR 21 (Add to all but Mariesa, add +6 Cha to her Mantle)—360k x3, 144k

Druid’s Vestments (Add to Roweena’s shirt)—23.2k

+1 Wild Shape/Day

Ring of Sustenance (Free Action & Chameleon from Mariesa)—10k x3, 58k

Only require 2 hours of sleep, no food or water.

Token of Wordtwisting (Mariesa & Gyges)—188k x2

+4 Insight Bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive.  Permanent Tongues

Tattoo of Hive Mind (upgrade existing tattoo)—360k x4

Utterly absurd... cannot be flanked / flatfooted / surprised unless all are
flanked / flatfooted / surprised.  Also Telepathy.

Tattoo of Amity—2.56k x4

+2 Moral Bonus to Intimidate and Diplomacy

Token of Ferocity—16k x4

Remain conscious until -10 hit points.

Helm of Vision (Chyron)—366.4k

+1 Insight bonus to AC, permanent True Seeing

Choker of Eloquence (Upgrade existing items)—12k x4

+10 Competence Bonus to Diplomacy, Innuendo, Bluff and Perform (Vocal)

Medallion of Thoughts (Mariesa)—48k

Detect Thoughts at will.

Greater Holy Symbol (Gyges)—10.8k

Gives Empower Turning

Sacred Scabbard (Chyron, Mariesa, Roweena)—12.8k

Bless Weapon 3 times/day, cast at 4th level

Zhendra’s Tools (Mariesa/party)—17.28k

+10 to Torture checks, Zone of Truth 1/day after 1 hour of torture.

Decanter of Endless Water (Party, Agriculture)—18k x2

Stone of Luck—20k x4

+1 luck bonus to everything except attack & damage rolls.

+1 Acid Burst, Icy Burst, Shocking Burst, Spell-Storing Arrow of Returning and Sure-Striking —200k

50 Arrows for Mariesa's Bow

+1 Holy, Ghost Touch, Returning, Spell-Storing, Arrow of Elemental Aura and Sure-Striking —200k

50 Arrows for Mariesa's Bow

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01:10 am - THE FIRST POST!!!

I'll make this more detailed by the end of the week. But in the meantime, how about we start with some things we'd like to see happen in the game next.

Another good idea would involve trying to figure out when/if we can play again.
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