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Game Update - Might of Strausburg

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July 8th, 2004

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11:07 am - Game Update
I talked to Chris about some game stuff last night... so here's an update for you all!

First of all, Roweena and Gyges are engaged to be married on June 30 of this year. They will be married by the king on the last day of the festival.

Afterwards, they will be touring the duchy for about a month, making stops in every town, village and city. Maybe they'll get to go on a honeymoon someday. That doesn't involve introducing themselves to the peasants.

Remember the city that had the opium smuggling problem? Apparently opium is illegal there... and in that entire kingdom. The city (Shern) is in the kingdom of Ifren, whose population is about twice that of Valorin.

Unfortunately, this means that we're currently close to saturated as far as our opium distribution goes (since it's only hitting costal communities, basically... and Shern is a good inland route). Fortunately, however, in three months we'll have a thriving export business that travels the land routes through Ifren from our base in Shern. We'll be selling 200,000 gp/month worth of tobacco and 75,000 gp/month of produce through that trade route (less a 5% commission).

In related news, after the Spring Festival, we negotiated another contract to export our Tobacco and Opium (and our first Wine contract) which has increased our monthly revenues from those products by 33%.

Construction has begun (and completed) on a number of guard towers and border keeps along the roads throughout the duchy of Greater Strausburg. Now, every 8 miles along the main roads is a guard tower and barracks (staffed with 6 guards, two horses, and a fancy stable that can accomodate six horses). The barracks can provide shelter for travellers caught on the roads at night. Each guard tower also has a prison cell that can hold up to six prisoners in shackles as they await transport to Strausburg or Engel for judgment. Total cost for these 17 guard towers: 90,950 gp. (Adjusted to 44,565 by the Lyre of Building)

At each of the four places where the main roads cross our borders, small border keeps have been erected. Each keep has two 30 ft. guard towers, a twin gatehouse topped with a barbican, and is flanked by 100 ft. of 20 ft. tall hewn stone walls. The forts contain a fancy stable for up to six horses (and two horses for relaying messages), a basic kitchen and dining hall, barracks space for 30 people, a combat training area, a small chapel dedicated to Sorn that has been Hallowed (Good Hope) for those faithful who defend Strausburg. It also contains a small bedroom for the officer in charge. 25 soldiers (24 regulars, one officer) are stationed at each fort. Total cost for these four border forts (including Hallow): 153,800 gp. (Adjusted to 75,362 by the Lyre of Building)

Between the border forts on the Sidam, Kriszan and Ghikra roads to Strausburg, permenant torches have been erected every 40 ft, providing safe, continual illumination for travellers to and from Strausburg. The cost for these Continual Flames: 165,000 gp.

Speaking of Sidam... we've augmented our standing army of 600 troops & militiamen with 250 regulars from Sidam! It seems that the duke was unable to keep these men on his payroll, so they've turned to us. This brings our army to 850 men, and leaves Sidam with only 750. Total cost for these new troops for the year: 18,000 gp.

In preparation for the wedding, construction of the Temple of Sorn has begun (in the North-Eastern corner of Strausburg). A large hill (30 ft. high, half a furlong long in both directions--that's 330 x 330 for those of you who don't like the English common system of measurement) has been built, and a tunnel through it (measuring about 470 ft. long, 20 ft. wide, and 10 ft. high) has been carved. With the Lyres of Building, the cost of doing this is minimal.

Atop the hill, the Temple is being constructed. I estimate its base cost at around 500,000 gp. (245,000 with the Lyre)

For 50,000 gp, we've secured the purchase of a fishing town of 1,000 people in Garl (the ununified mining "nation" to the far east that has a large slave trade). The town is located on a 50 mile wide isthmus that divides the western sea from the eastern sea. I plan to fortify the town, and begin building a road across the isthmus to a point on the eastern side where we can set up a port from which to ship our goods to the other half of the known world. In time, of course, I'd also like to build a canal across the isthmus.

That's all for the moment.

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